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Welcome to page 2 of the kids birthday gifts and ideas list! We aim to please kids of all ages… but for these pages, we focus on ages 1 to preteens. šŸ˜‰

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14. Bubble Machines

Bubbles make everyone happy, but a bubble machine is the talk of the party! There are bubble blowers that make a bazillion shoot straight from their hands. Others make enough for the whole party to poke, pop and dance around in them. Our favorite brand is the Gazillion Bubble Machine… it actually lives up to its name!

Throw in a bottle of colored or edible bubbles to make the present that much more fun!

15. Coloring Books and Washable Markers

Sometimes we overlook the best birthday gifts because they are so cheap. But kids really do love to color! Buy a couple of coloring books and get washable markers to go with them. Remember that kids love to use anything as their backdrop, and it gets old scrubbing the walls, furniture, and tile flooring (Iā€™m a parent – I know this). Washable markers have a better chance of making parents happy while still delighting the little birthday boy or girl.
You can also go the paint route ā€“ get a basic set of watercolor paint along with watercolor paper and perhaps a tutorial book. Paint by Number paint sets are a great method for teaching younger children how to paint.

16. Sketch Pads or Blank Books

Older kids enjoy sketch pads or blank “Make Your Own Story” books along with some quality colored pencils. Then children can create their own masterpieces or illustrate their own adventurous tales!

By the way, if you are looking for a step above the poorly-made arts and crafts colored pencils, I really like the Prisma Color brand. They have richer colors that last a long time.

17. A New Ride!

A bike, scooter, skateboard or roller blades are fun options if you are looking for bigger birthday gift ideas for kids. Children love to feel independent. There is nothing as liberating as using your own strength to fly through the air faster than you could ever run. A new set of wheels makes it possible!

18. Ride Accessories and Gear

For a bike, buy a horn, bell, basket or handlebar streamers. For a skateboard, get stickers or different kinds of wheels. Protective gear is another good idea ā€“ helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, and so on.

19. Movies!

Kids love to get movies of their very own. Do they have a favorite character? Say Barbie, Superman, Thomas the Train, or Strawberry Shortcake? That would make your movie choice easy. If not, anything Disney is usually a safe bet. Dreamworks has good stuff too ā€“ the quality of their movies gets better and better as time goes on.

And let’s face it – as far as kids’ birthday gifts go, this has got to be one of the easiest things to buy.

20. Musical Instruments

Kids love to build new talents! An instrument along with a book of lessons and songs to play make some of the coolest kids birthday gifts ever. Whether you get them an ocarina, harmonica, ukulele or guitar kids LOVE rocking out to their own music.

21. “Lullaby” Gift Basket

Children love to be soothed to sleep. And I love to make my own birthday gift baskets for kids! I make one I call the Lullaby Basket. Here are some of the things I put in the present:

ā€¢ Lullaby CDs
ā€¢ Stuffed animals
ā€¢ A soft blanket
ā€¢ New storybook
ā€¢ Set of fun pajamas

They love it! The Lullaby Basket is a winner every time.

22. Active Anythings

Think about the things kids love to do outside. Suddenly, you will think of the best kids’ birthday gifts around. Kites, Frisbees, and jump ropes are just the tip of the iceberg. Try a baseball and glove, a soccer net, or a badminton set. Littler kids love those miniature pools while older kids buzz over a slip and slide.

We love to hear your comments! What are your best birthday gift ideas for kids?

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