10 Popular Last-Minute Birthday Gifts for Children (Around The Ages 5-10 Years Old)

Need a little inspiration to help you find some last-minute birthday gifts for children? Did you forget about that birthday party and now you need to get something fast? Here are some fantastic ideas you can buy asap that are kid-approved.

Little boy running for birthday gifts for children

1. Tool Kit

Kids love to be helpful! Find them a hammer and a screwdriver set in their favorite colors. They’ll not only be excited to use their new tools but also to help you around the house.

My niece loved the red tool kit – with real tools – that she got for her 8th birthday.

2. Ice Pack And Cool Bandages

Kids get hurt. That’s a part of childhood. But if you put a Spiderman or Strawberry Shortcake bandaids on it, suddenly skinning your knee doesn’t feel so painful. 🙂

I like to get a few packages of kids’ bandaids and pair them with an ice pack in a fun shape (like a cartoon character, dinosaur or butterfly). Kids love this.

3. Their Own DVD

I’m one of those parents that doesn’t want their kids watching too much TV, but even I think that their own movie is one of the coolest birthday gifts for children to get! Even if it’s just Strawberry Shortcake or Thomas the Train, it makes them feel so grown up.

4. Modeling Clay

All their friends have play-dough. But how many of them have modeling clay that they can bake in the oven or let air dry and keep forever? Now there’s something to show off to their friends.

5. Decorated Flip Flops

For boys, simply tie paracord around the straps in hemp knots. For girls, double-knot some strips of cute fabric in knots around the straps. Simple, easy, and it’s so entertaining to watch how they flaunt their new shoes as they walk from place to place.

6. Good Ol’ Fashioned Board Games

Kids love any excuse to spend time with their friends, their parents, or anyone wants to play! So buy them a board game – then remember to sit down and play a few rounds with them.

These are some of our family favorites:

For Younger Kids For Older Kids
• Guess Who
• Connect 4
• Sorry
• Parcheesi
• Apples to Apples (Jr Version)
• Ticket to Ride
• Battleship
• Monopoly

7. Magic Set

What kid doesn’t love magic? (Some of us never grow out of that.) If you can find a disappearing trick, a card trick, or just a good mind-bender, they’ll have a few new talents to impress their friends.

8. Flying Anythings

Hovering disks that glow in the dark, wood or foam planes that actually glide like helicopters… these are some of the most exciting birthday gifts for children.

And as far as last-minute presents go, these are easy!

9. Their Own Cereal And Bowl

Kids love the idea that they have a cereal that’s all their own. They don’t have to share with mom or dad, they don’t have to share with baby brother, AND it’s loaded with more sugar than their parents usually allow first thing in the morning.

Remember to get a “fancy” bowl to go with it. I prefer to give the plastic ones that have a built-in straw. A brilliant invention if you ask me.

10. Lessons

Guitar, voice, soccer, karate, swimming, ballet… there are a bazillion lessons to choose from! And this gift really shows how thoughtful you are – even if it is last minute. 

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