Birthday Gifts For Her: Last Minute Presents That Make You Look Good

I know why you’re here. You need birthday gifts for her big day, and you need them now! But let’s face it – last=minute gifts don’t give you much time to be thoughtful. So let me do you a favor and give you my list.

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It’s the least I can do to help you save face at the birthday party.

If you like these ideas, please pay it back (and help me keep these free ideas coming) by buying them through my links. But if you can’t use my links because your party is tonight and you need the present in-hand asap, I totally understand.

1. Bedazzled Keyboard

Have you seen those? I love them! I want a matching mouse and stapler too (a set is always a good idea). If she’s a techy like me, or a workaholic, or just loves her desktop computer, a keyboard covered in rhinestones is a really fun way to brighten up her workspace.

2. A Live Plant

Live plants are SO nice to have indoors. They just add such feeling of freshness to the room. If she likes to cook, herbs are a great idea. They are small, usable, and easy to care for. Mint always smells nice (and it grows like a weed). Another thoughtful idea is to get some greenery for her porch or garden.

A word of caution

Before you buy a plant, make sure she has a green thumb (or at least doesn’t kill everything she touches). You want to get gifts that celebrate her, not remind her of what talent she lacks.

Step It Up A Notch

To make your present look less last minute, make your gift a set.

All you have to do is get something small to coordinate with the big gift and wrap it up together!

3. Table Hanger For Her Purse

I love mine! It rescues my purse from a fate worse than death (sitting on the dirty floor under the restaurant table or getting stolen off the back of my chair). When it’s on the purse hanger, my handbag is right where I need it – within reach, but still out of the way.

4. Cute Clutch

Save her shoulder. Get the clutch. Besides, those birthday gifts for her evening out are more fun to receive.

5. Sassy Scarf

You can choose to give her a thick, cozy knitted scarf she’ll use in the winter or a lovely, lightweight scarf to accessorize with on any day. For a woman with classic taste, go for a scarf in the black and white (or gray) color scheme. For someone with a spunky personality, go for a bold color or vibrant pattern.

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