Last Minute Birthday Gifts for Him

Guys are hard to shop for, am I right? If you’re running out of time and have no ideas, that makes it even worse. If you’re struggling to find last minute birthday gifts for him ideas, you came to the right place!

Here are last minute birthday gifts for him that are sure to please.

Last minute birthday gifts for him can look like you didn’t put much thought into it. Guys are hard enough to shop for as it is! This list is full of ideas that are guy-approved.

It’s saved me more than once – the least I can do is share so your gifts don’t LOOK like you got them last minute.

Last Minute Birthday Gifts for Him

Fancy Lighters

birthday gift for him banner with fancy lighter image

He doesn’t have to smoke to love this gift. I mean, what guy doesn’t love playing with fire? Zippo lighters are definitely a brand I’d recommend – but any brand will do if it’s a quality product.

A Book About His Favorite Hobby

hobby book for birthday gift for him image

What does your man do in his off hours? Does he like to cook? Or maybe he’s into cars or sports? Whatever his interests may be, there’s bound to be a book out there that he would love to read on the subject. Do a quick Amazon search and have it shipped straight to his door!

Travel Size Blue Tooth Speaker

bluetooth speaker gift

Guys love to use these for the home, for the office, for the road, pretty much anywhere. Simply put, Bluetooth speakers are another fun gadget that men really like.

Men and their gadgets… they will never get enough!

Candy Gift

candy gift image

A jar (or even a box) of his favorite candy. Sweet tooth? Make sure your man indulges it with a big ol’ jar of candy! From chocolate covered peanuts to gummy bears, there’s sure to be something he’ll love snacking on throughout the year.


boozey gifts banner

You can’t go wrong with this last minute birthday gift for him. Most guys enjoy alcohol, so having grabbing something from the liquor is likely to be a hit. Choose from a nice bottle of red, or an aged bottle of scotch. You’re probably familiar with your man’s preferences. Maybe go a step or two above and get him something special for the occasion.

Jump Pack

JumPak for a birthday gift

You can get him the kind that jump-starts your car battery, fills your tires and has an electrical outlet, or you can get one that goes more “techy.” Personally, I’d go for the JumPack. It’s a battery pack that not only jump-starts your car battery, but it also has a USB port to charge your cell phone AND it’s small enough to fit in his backpack or briefcase! Plus it gets great reviews.

My husband pretty went out of his skin when he saw this. Guess what I’ll be getting him for his birthday this year?

Journal and Pen

journal and pen gift idea banner

I love giving this one. It’s classy, it’s substantial, and it’s useful, which makes it perfect for men. And it’s easy to get last minute! A journal by itself is a nice gift, but a nice pen makes it look more thoughtful.

When I say pen, I’m not talking about your 10 pack of BIC ballpoints. I’m talking about a quality pen worthy to sit on a fine mahogany desk. Pretty pens come in all price ranges, so pick something that coordinates nicely with his journal.

Manly Magazine with Man Snacks

magazine gift

Let’s admit it, ladies – men like chocolate too! Pair his favorite candy bars (or potato chips and dip) with some frivolous reading material and you’ve got a great relaxation gift. Or give him a full magazine subscription. Just make sure to choose a magazine that he’d be interested in – like technology, sports, science, money or whatever.

An Amazon Prime Membership

Is your husband always complaining about how long it takes for his packages to arrive? If so, an Amazon Prime membership is the perfect gift for him. With Amazon Prime, he’ll get free two-day shipping on eligible items, which means he won’t have to wait as long for his stuff to arrive. And trust me, he’ll be thanking you for this one when his birthday present shows up right on time.

A Gift Card to His Favorite Store

If you’re really short on time (or ideas), a gift card is always a great option. Just get him a card to his favorite store and let him pick out whatever he wants. It’s the perfect way to ensure that he gets something he really wants, and it doesn’t require any extra effort on your part. Win-win!

Movie Tickets

movie tickets for birthday gift

Is your husband a movie buff? If so, he’s sure to love a movie pass. With a movie pass, he can see all the movies he wants without having to pay for each individual ticket. And depending on where you live, you can usually find movie passes for around $30 or $40—a great deal for film lovers everywhere.

With these last minute gifts, you’ll be able to give him something thoughtful and special without spending hours (and tons of money) at the mall. So relax, enjoy his birthday, and happy shopping!

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