Printable Birthday Cards

Printable birthday cards are a great idea. They’re convenient, helpful …a-a-a-n-n-nd on this page, they’re free! A lot of different types of people use these birthday greetings, too. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Moms, retirees, and crafters who love to exhibit affection through their art cab use printable birthday cards to create easy, unique cards for their loved ones’ special day. Nothing says “I love you” more than a personal touch that comes from the heart.
  • Busy professionals no longer have to worry about finding time to drive around, shop and put something special together for their peeps. Instead, they can use these free printable birthday cards to tell your friends and family they love them. And here, you can do it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Regardless of your age or occupation, creating unique birthday cards couldn’t get easier than these simple steps:

  1. Browse the list below.
  2. Find the image of a card you like.
  3. Right click it and select “save image as.”
  4. Open it with your favorite photo editor.
  5. Print to your inkjet printer.

Some of these cards are ready to go, while some are ready to be colored. Whether you choose a card to color yourself, or a card that’s ready to go, once you’re happy, you’re ready to share your with anyone you love.

For those cards that are DIY printable birthday cards, get out your paints, markers, pastels or glitter and glue. Use whatever medium you like. With these crafty birthday cards you can say “Happy Birthday!” with as much style and pizzazz as you can come up with. That’s why there are so many reasons to use printable birthday cards. Mostly though, people like them for their convenience, flexibility and creativity.

Not long ago, people all over the world were stuck at home do to Covid-19 and their region’s stay-at-home orders. Shopping was difficult and most of us had a lot of extra time on our hands. Don’t ever let health restrictions keep you from expressing your love and best wishes for people in your life. Print out a free printable birthday card below and make it look the way you like it.

Here’s the list(s) of choices. Enjoy and stop back for more. I’m making them as I write this! Well, maybe not at the exact same time, but in like an hour. Or two. Or maybe later. But still! Keep on coming back! 🙂

DIY Printable Birthday Cards – Ready to Color and Decorate

Cherry Blossom Printable Birthday Card Image
Cherry Blossom
Sunflower Card Image
Mum Flower Image
Nasturtium Card Image
Lotus Flower Card Image
Lotus Flower
Daisy Card Image

Super Easy Cards to Print and Pass

Polka Dot Birthday Card Image
Polka Dots
Happiness Birthday Card Image
50th Birthday Card Image
50th Birthday Card
USA Birthday Card Image
Share a Birthday with the USA

I hope you enjoy downloading these printable birthday cards and hope I’ll see you again soon. I love making these cards for you guys and hope you like using them, too. And hey! If you need help with the contents of the card, check out this page on what to say to a friend inside your card. Moms! Check out my page on composing a birthday message to your daughter. I’ve now got a page for heartfelt birthday messages for brother. Check it out!

Happy Birthday one and all! May your birthday gift turn out to be perfect and the day be one of fond, lifelong memories.


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