8 Printable Birthday Gifts That You Can Actually Wrap

Check out these printable birthday gift ideas you can actually top with a bow. These are NOT just receipts that say “Your gift is in the mail!” Actually, for me, this was an amazingly helpful list of last-minute gifts.

So get your ideas and get printing!

Printable Birthday Gift

1. Frameworthy Phrases

Find motivational, spiritual, sentimental or romantic quotes that would look fantastic in an 8×10 frame.

Go to their Pinterest board for ideas, or check out some of my favorites from my Pinterest Quote Board for more inspiration.

2. Monogram Stationery

Sometimes it’s nice to have some personalized paper to give your notes and letters (or even just your to-do lists for the day) a little pizazz. A set of 10 is really good.

Make your own or download a beautiful set already finished for you.

3. Paper Dolls & Paper Dudes

Get the ones that are already beautiful, or buy some that they can color and cut out themselves.

If you have a fresh new box of colored pencils or crayons on hand, package them up with the paper dolls and that will take your gift to the next level.

4. Printed Fabric

Did you know you can print on fabric? Just use their favorite phrases, photos, graphics – or make your own – and print it directly on the fabric! The Graphics Fairy gives 6 helpful ways you can do that. My favorite method is number 2 – freezer paper (yes, I’ve used this!).

Then decide how to gift it – as frameable art? As a tea towel? A handkerchief?

If you’re crafty with a sewing machine, turn it into a pouch, the pocket of a tote or apron, or the central piece of a pillowcase or iPad cover.

5. Set of Note Cards

…and envelopes. A set of 8 should do it.

You’d be surprised how many people LOVE this. It’s one of my favorite printable birthday gifts actually – YOU give them something that actually makes THEM look thoughtful!

Print the cards on a sturdy set of card stock. If the cards you choose don’t have matching envelopes, try printing blank envelopes on fancy paper – it adds a nice touch.

6. Patterns

Crafting, sewing, crocheting, jewelry making (for men and women) – you can find patterns for just about anything! Etsy has a slew of great options to choose from. Just search by the interests of the person you’re shopping for, buy and print. Done!

7. Handmade Tear-Off Notepad

Another popular printable birthday gift – simple notepads you can use every day. Print it, cut it, rubber cement across the top, and then let it dry. Done!

Tutorial to come… (you’ll love how easy this is).

8. Printed Photograph

Best friends, girlfriends, grandparents, kids – lots of people love this. Just print one (or a handful of) frame-worthy 8×10 or 4×6 pictures and get wrapping! Which photo should you pick? Here are some ideas.

  1. Both of you together

  2. Their family
    -their kids
    -their spouse
    -extended family perhaps…

  3. Snapshot taken at a memorable event
    -return from deployment
    -backpacking trip
    -theme park visit
    -or that one ordinary night that turned into an amazingly unforgettable inside joke

  4. Nature photos
    -of a favorite place, animal or…
Printable Birthday Gifts

Got an idea for us? Tell us YOUR printable birthday gift ideas in the comments below!

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