8 Non-Cheesy Romantic Birthday Gifts That Are Better Than Flowers

Some people find romantic birthday gifts to be a little cheesy. But if you give it in a truly romantic way, you lose the “cheese” factor and upgrade the experience to a heart-fluttering moment.

Romantic Birthday Gifts

Frankly, you can make just about any good gift a romantic one. It’s all about delivery.

Set the mood first. Then present the gift in a sweet way and watch your honey swoon. We have ideas for that too… but I digress. You came for the romantic gifts.

For those of you who struggle to be romantic, check out these ideas from Reader’s Digest.

This is a list that wins for both men and women. Here you go!

1. Romantic Getaway

Take your sweetheart to the place he or she finds most romantic – whether that is something as exotic as the Bahamas and Paris, or as close as a nearby botanical garden or 5-star hotel. Even an old fashioned train ride would be romantically exciting!

Remember this: if you don’t have something to unwrap on your birthday, you always feel a little ripped off. So be sure to wrap up the plane tickets or a birthday gift certificate to show where you are going.

2. Date Night in a Basket

Put together a romantic birthday gift basket for him or her. To set the mood, include a set of candles, a romantic CD or DVD, and a new blanket to snuggle under. Grab a bubbly drink, a couple of chocolate bars with wrappers that you personalized, and then package it in a beautiful basket or box. Tada!

>> Get Birthday Gift Basket Ideas for Men

3. Original Love Songs

Romantic Birthday Gifts CD Case

Put together a CD of songs that are special to both of you. You’ll want to include “your” song if you have one. If you have a recorder and some musical talent, record a song you wrote! It’s best if you can make a beautiful cover for the CD case too. I did this for my boyfriend one year, and he still talks about how incredibly romantic that was for him.

This is a romantic birthday gift men and women love. Trust me. I’ve seen it.

P.S. I love the romantic love quote on the cover. Isn’t it awesome?!

4. Home-Grown Poetry

If you’re not a songwriter, go for poetry. You can either write one yourself or hire a professional poetry writer to compose a meaningful poem. Print this onto a beautiful piece of stationary and give it wrapped with a box of chocolates.

5. A Bazillion Things I Love About You

This is one of my favorites. Give your sweetheart a romantic birthday gift that melts his heart over and over again (or her heart… but for the sake of an example, we’ll stick with him).

What makes you love him most? Do you love his eyes? His sense of humor? His cooking? Type these reasons up, print them and cut them out, then give them a clean hole-punch or two and put some book rings through them. Now it’s a book!

Some people give 52 reasons and they use a deck of cards. Cute idea, but frankly that limits you.

Instead, give him enough reasons to match…

  • His age. If he’s turning 26, give him 26 things you love about him – if he’s turning 46, write 46 things
  • The number of days/months/years you have been together
  • Any special number! Just make sure to give him enough to turn it into a little book. 😉
  • I saw someone buy a giant bag of individually wrapped bonbons, label each one with a reason, and give the bag of bonbons instead of a book. So clever!

All I’m saying is don’t limit yourself. There are hundreds of sweet and creative ways you can list your favorite things about him and wrap it up for his birthday.

6. Love Engraved

Sweethearts love personalized presents from each other (but let’s get beyond teddy bears).

For Women

Give an engraved ring or bracelet. You can also get her a locket with a photo of the two of you inside – not just a picture of you. That comes across as either arrogant or creepy.

For Men

For men, get a ring or watch engraved for him. You can even get belt buckles engraved!

Penny Gift Tag

Just be sure to pick something he would wear… and don’t engrave it with letters SO HUGE that he’ll never wear it anywhere.

7. 24 Hours of Love

Romantic Birthday Gift Quote

One of my all-time favorite romantic quotes 🙂

Give 24 cards – one for every hour of the day. Write funny things, sweet things, poems, drawings, whatever you’d like to make this day special.

I really like the idea of giving a date night in one or two of the cards – or even something they can do by themselves like go to the spa or tickets to an event (sports, opera, whatever you think they’d like).

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