Unusual Chocolate Gifts

If you’re looking for a unique birthday gift for someone on your birthday-gifting list, the unusual chocolate gifts on this page will help explore the delicious goodness of this cocoa laden delicacy.

Chocolate, that sweet and delicious treat we all love, makes the perfect gift for birthdays. It can be a token gift, or it can be the main gift, depending upon the recipient. Chocolate is typically loved by all.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different than the standard box of chocolates, that’s exactly what this list of unusual chocolate gifts is about. I’ve gathered a list of interesting and unusual chocolate gifts your birthday person will get a kick out of.

Use this list of unusual chocolate gifts for inspiration when you’re in the market for perfectly indulging chocolate treats!

Unusual Chocolate Gifts for Ladies

Chocolate Shoes

chocolate shoe unique chocolate gift image

The first of our unique birthday gifts is a chocolatey stiletto filled with handmade truffles… I soooo want one of these! I mean c’mon – women, shones, chocolate, it’s a no-brainer. This would make the perfect birthday gift for her… or me.

Chocolate Factory Tour

chocolate tour unique chocolate gift image

What a fun way to sample chocolate! Take her on a tour of a chocolate factory – you can book a private tour too if you like. She can learn all she ever wanted to know about chocolate while enjoying her favorite sumptuous snack.

Some of these places also have chocolate making classes you can take – which leads me to my next fabulous birthday gift for her…

Chocolate Classes

If she truly loves chocolate, she will be SOOO excited about taking a course on chocolate!

Some classes teach the history (while of course passing out sumptuous samples) while others actually teach you how to make chocolate from scratch! These unusual chocolate gifts sound so d’lish.

I can’t decide if I’d rather do Theo’s ganache truffle making class in Seattle or Dandelion’s Chocolate 201 class in San Fransisco… check them out and tell me what you decide.

Antioxidant Face Mask

Chocolate Facial Mask Birthday Gift

Don’t you know that chocolate is good for you? She needs a chocolate facial. Give her a chocolate mud mask or a kit full of cocoa’s healthful antioxidants and all those feel-good properties for her face.

That’s a bit of happiness right there.

Chocolate Toasting Cups and Bubbly

Chocolate Cordial Birthday Gift

I love the idea of a little bubbly with an edible toasting cup. This is one of my unusual chocolate gifts favs. Get her some chocolate cups about the size of a shot glass, and then package them up with something yummy to drink with her chocolate.


I imagine this wrapped with a card that says, “Cheers to you on your birthday!”

*Note: I noticed most online reviews were 5 stars with no problems, but some reviews said they arrived melted. Consider buying locally if you can.

DIY Chocolate Art

Yes. Art. Girls love this kind of stuff – I know I would totally love to get this as a gift! You basically turn a portrait, a landscape, pretty much any black and white picture into a chocolatey masterpiece. 

I pinned this tutorial from WikiHow because I’m planning to try it out! I’ll let you know how it goes.

Fondue Set

Chocolate Fondue Set

I love these little fondue pots! Aren’t they pretty?

They’re a timeless style and the perfect size for a small party, date night, or nights alone when I feel like indulging myself. This would definitely be a fitting birthday gift for the chocolate lover in your life.

Handmade Chocolates

You can buy some very creative handmade chocolates all over the web, or…

…you can make a statement gift by making them yourself! The very fact that YOU made them automatically gives this present sentimental value.

You can find tasty recipes online for fancy chocolates. If your like me and want it simple, chocolate molds make it easy to create fun shapes. I like the idea of chocolates in the shapes of diamonds and gems.

DIY Chocolate-Dipped Fortune Cookies

Chocolate Fortune Cookies

You can dip almost any snack in chocolate – but fortune cookies are such a unique idea! My sister makes them and they look amazing.

You simply buy some fortune cookies (I like the fortune cookies with birthday messages), dip them in chocolate, top with some happy sprinkles, and package them in a cool Chinese takeout box.

Chocolate Candle

Chocolate Candle Mug

Make any room smell like freshly baked brownies and you’ll have one happy birthday girl! The candle in the picture has great reviews as does this chocolate candle mug.

They both smell delicious.

Unusual Chocolate Gifts for Men

Here’s a fun list of unique birthday gifts for men that satisfy major chocolate cravings. Because, c’mon – men love chocolate too!

Chocolate Video Game Controller

Chocolate Game Controller

Got a gamer on your hands? Here’s a fun idea that caters to his gaming side while satisfying his love of edible goodies. Get him a chocolate controller!

You can get anything from the old school Nintendo controller to the modern Wii remote. Pick his favorite and you can’t go wrong.

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

Chocolate Potato Chips

These actually sound really yummy! Sweet and savory chocolate-dipped potato chips – these are THE ultimate snack for the big game, his favorite afternoon show, or whatever!

I know my husband would enjoy these with his Friday night Netflix.

Chocolate Weapons… Really?

Chocolate Weapons

Oh yes, really! Handguns, rifles, grenades, bullets – you can get them all in chocolate. My favorite is the chocolate revolvers that come packaged in a real gun case.

Chocolate Shot Glasses

Chocolate Cordial Birthday Gift

These are awesome. They’re just chocolate cups the size of a shot glass. Just get him his favorite drink to go with it and you’re set.

He doesn’t have to drink alcohol to enjoy this gift. Any drink will do!

Chocolate Sports Car

Chocolate Car

A boy’s first love – his car. His second love – food. A chocolate car is the perfect combo!

Find him an edible replica of his favorite set of wheels because that’s one of the coolest, unique birthday gifts for men that he’ll remember for years to come. It’s one that says, “I understand true love, man.”

Chocolate Massage Kit

Chocolate Massage Oil

I love this one for couples! Order some chocolate massage oil, maybe some chocolate lotion, and a few sumptuous chocolates to eat, and prepare to give him a tasty hour of relaxation.

Just wrap it up with a coupon for a free massage from you.

Chocolate Body Paint

Chocolate Body Paint

Body paint. Seriously. ‘Nuff said.

Chocolate Making Classes

Chocolate Shoe Birthday Gift

Theo’s Chocolate Class in Seattle teaches you how to make ganache truffles. You can take a chocolate history (and sampling) class from Dandelion’s Chocolate in San Fransisco, which also teaches a class on how to make chocolate from scratch.

That’s the one my husband wants to do.

Just do an internet search like chocolate classes NC or chocolate classes AZ (or wherever you live) and a whole bunch of options pops up.

Chocolate-Dipped Anythings

Chocolate Birthday Gifts

You can find almost any snack dipped in chocolate! Oreo’s, fruits, wafers, fortune cookies. Dipped pretzel rods are some of my favorites… just because they look awesome.

Dipped pretzels are also pretty easy to make if you want to DIY it. That makes it thoughtful, easy and awesome! Who wouldn’t love that?

Ready to ditch the boring old box of chocolates in favor of something a little more unusual? I don’t blame you! These unusual chocolate gifts are sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth. So go ahead and indulge your loved ones (or yourself!) for their birthday this year. They deserve it!

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