Best Birthday Gifts for Gardeners

(With a Green Thumb)

Your gardeners birthday is coming up, and you don’t know what to do! Well, I’m here to help. In this post, I’ll give you ideas for the best birthday gifts for gardeners. I’ll also show you some ideas for how to celebrate your favorite gardener’s special day.

Whether they’re into flowers or vegetables, there’s sure to be something here that will put a smile on their face. So go ahead and get started – the sooner you start planning, the more fun you can have!

Here we go now… B-)

Best Birthday Gifts for Gardeners

When considering the best birthday gifts for gardeners, realize that those gardeners either want practical stuff or something new and exciting for their flourishing garden.

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That my friend is what this list is. These gift ideas cover all your bases – a fun and practical list of the top gifts that gardeners love.

How would I know? Let’s just say I’ve got a green thumb myself. 😉

Awesome Gardener Gifts Banner image of a butterfly in a pretty field of daisies

I actually snapped this in my front yard… it’s almost like the butterfly posed for my photo!

Wait!! What if I have someone who loves gardening but isn’t particularly good at it? Or what if I have someone who just keeps a small garden and doesn’t need much?

Gotcha covered. I’ve got a list for them too!

This page of gift ideas is for those who use their garden passionately.

If you want my other list of ideas, head on over to this link with 12 Awesome Gardener Gifts that don’t require a green thumb.

As a gardener, I can personally vouch for both gardener gift lists. I’d love getting any of these gifts.

Best Birthday Gifts for Gardeners

So here you go – my list of the best birthday gifts for gardeners. Enjoy!

Conversation Piece Plants

birthday flower gift idea for gardeners banner image of an orchid

Exotic or rare plants and seeds make for really exciting gifts for gardeners.

  • Have you ever tasted white strawberries that taste like pineapple?
  • Did you know you can grow your own super unique cactus from seed?

Get creative! Here’s a BuzzFeed link to some crazy plants if you want more ideas.

Garden Seat with Wheels

Yesssssss!!! I hate having to haul a stool into the garden…but then again, sometimes it’s just easier to harvest or trim my plants if I just have a place to sit.

These garden seats or “tractors” have wheels that make it so much easier. Plus I can carry my tools on them. Bonus!

Kneeling Pad

Even with a stool, every gardener has to get down on hands and knees at some point. I’m so grateful for my pad that saves my aching knees!

P.S. You’ll want one that’s flexible (like this kneeling pad). If it’s too stiff, it won’t lay nicely on the uneven ground in the garden… and that’s just annoying.

Bird and Butterfly Feeders

bird feeder gardener birthday gifts banner with bird

These pretty little critters are great for the garden – pollinating, pest control, all that. It’s so rewarding when you see these little lovelies flocking to your garden!

Feeders help bring them in, and that makes gardeners happy.

Herb Gardens

This is definitely one of the best birthday gifts for gardeners. I got a beautiful indoor herb garden for Christmas and I adore it! Not only does it bring the garden inside to me, but gives me fresh cooking herbs right there where I need them.

These are *fantastic*. If your gardener doesn’t have one, get one!

Herb Drying Rack

At the end of the growing season or when the herbs are a little fuller than your gardener can use, an herb drying rack gives an easy way for them to save their garden goodies for later.

Indoor Greenhouse

Every gardener dreams of a greenhouse! Indoor greenhouses are a great way to start seedlings for those gardeners who itch for spring come sooner.

You can get some mini-greenhouses too, which are super cute! But they’re really better as an herb garden or terrarium since they don’t have enough space to start your seedlings if you have a large garden.

New Tools

gardner birthday gift ideas banner new garden tools
New garden tools make a great birthday gift

Seriously. I’m guilty of buying cheap tools on clearance, and sometimes they just don’t last very long or work all that great.

High-quality gardening tools would be a nice upgrade!

This garden tool set is lightweight yet durable, and the yellow makes it easier to see where you left that spade.

Gardener’s Tool Belt

This is on the best birthday gifts for gardeners list because c’mon … what gardener doesn’t love having those tools within easy reach?

Bucket Caddy Organizer

Garden Caddy Organizer

When it doesn’t fit in my belt, this gardener’s bucket organizer is a nice substitute! I absolutely love how it easy it is to find the tools I need!

This one comes in green too, but the pink made me happy.

Wildflower Seed Mixes

wildflower seeds birthday gift

These are another great attraction for those pollinating birds, bees and butterflies! When the wildflower seeds sprout, their lovely blossoms bring bright colors and scents to the garden.

Just spread the seeds and let them grow wild!

Tumbling Composter

These help gardeners make their own compost – which is basically natural plant food. Making your own is SO much cheaper than the plant food you buy at the store.

If they don’t have a good composter for their garden, you must rescue them from the costly store-bought stuff and get them one!

Trust me. You will be their hero.

Best Birthday Celebration Tips for Gardeners

Now that we’ve covered that it’s time for my other promise. Which is, I promised to show you some ideas for how to celebrate your favorite gardener’s special day. Here it is:

Most people don’t know how to properly celebrate a gardener’s birthday. For birthday gift ideas, you might consider getting them some gardening tools or a gift card to their favorite garden center.

While those are nice gestures, they’re not the only way to show your appreciation. Throwing a birthday celebration really sends a strong message.

If someone you love is a gardener, you could use their hobby as the foundation for a party.

If you want to make a splash for someone you love, these ideas could turn your friend’s hobby into a way to make your loved one feel special.

With all that being said, just because someone loves spending time in the garden doesn’t mean they want to celebrate their birthday surrounded by dirt and plants! Take a look at these splashy ideas:

1. Have a “test your green thumb” party, complete with botanical-themed games and activities like these:

  • Plant identification game: Give each party-goer a list of common plants and see who can identify the most. Bonus points if they can identify them by their Latin names!
  • Seed sorting game: See who can sort a bowl of mixed seeds into their correct plant families the fastest.
  • Garden scavenger hunt: Hide small garden items around the party area and see who can find the most.
  • Weed identification game: See who can correctly identify the most common weeds in a given area.
  • Garden trivia: Test your guests’ botanical knowledge with a garden trivia quiz.

2. Another idea is to hold the party outdoors in a beautiful garden setting, with the guest of honor giving a tour of their favorite plantings.

3. You could also keep it simple with a low-key celebration at home, perhaps featuring a homemade cake decorated with fresh flowers or fruit.

4. Whatever you do, don’t forget the card! There are many flower and garden-related birthday card designs on the market.

5. Include a gift certificate for a new tool or gardening gloves – anything to help them expand on their hobby.

gardener birthdays

Thanks for joining me as we explored some of the best birthday gifts for gardeners. I hope you found this information helpful and that you’ll come back again soon. You’ll want to see all the new birthday ideas I’ve come up with!

In the meantime, happy birthday to you and yours!

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