Birthday Flower Gifts for That Special Lady in Your Life

Every woman loves birthday flower gifts. But why settle for the humdrum run-of-the-mill flower arrangements? Instead, go for the blooms that say “Happy Birthday” in a way she will appreciate. 

Of course, a dozen of her favorite kind of flower works too. But if you want something a little LESS traditional and a little MORE creative, check out these clever birthday bouquets below!

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But before we begin – a word of CAUTION – please don’t ever buy her fake flowers. These are one of the least romantic birthday gifts ever. Fake flowers belong on tombstones, not on display on the table.Bir

The ideas below are much better choices.

Happy Birthday Flower Cake

Get her the birthday cake that adds ZERO calories to her diet. It’s a bouquet made in the shape of a birthday cake! This is a great way to honor her birthday with the tradition of flowers in a nontraditional way.

Edible Flowers

Give her a bouquet that she can snack on! You can find these “blooms” made strictly from fresh fruit (great for the health-nut) or coated with chocolate (also known as “Vitamin C” for women – a dietary necessity!). They are cute, creative, and very tasty.

Edible bouquets are becoming more and more popular. Which leads us to our next idea…

Birthday Cookie or Cake Pop Bouquet

Here’s another edible flower arrangement that’s guaranteed to be a hit! Bakeries arrange cookies on sticks (or cake on sticks) into a scrumptiously unique bouquet for her to enjoy.

You’ll wish you had ordered a bouquet for yourself! Yummmmm.

Candy Bouquets

Delightful arrangements of her favorite chocolate bars and candies put in a box and delivered – what could be better? These are becoming popular enough that many grocery stores are picking up on the fad. They sell large and small candy bouquets that you can pick up anytime. And the best thing about them is you can buy it as early as you like…

…just be careful not to eat them yourself! 😉

Flowers That Re-Bloom

If the birthday girl has a green thumb, don’t buy her roses that will die next week. Get her a rose bush! Buy her lupine or bluebell seeds that she can plant in her flowerbed. Give her a blooming hibiscus or potted Gerber daisies with blossoms that she can enjoy over and over.

Gifts like this never go out of style.

Traditional Birthday Flowers – Choose Exotic or Her Favorite

Best Birthday Flower Gifts

If you have your heart set on a traditional bouquet, find some unique flowers that are hard to get in your area, or an exotic bouquet of flora that she has never seen before. This gives the “traditional” bouquet a “nontraditional” twist.

Flowers are sweet gestures that can be very romantic. Check out some other romantic gifts to buy for her birthday! Then you can decide if you want to give flowers… or something else wonderful. 😉

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