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Many gift baskets include snacks and drinks

A great birthday gift basket for manly men start with a little personality… which can be hard to find with all the generic “wine and cheese” baskets out there. Frankly, that’s been done a bazillion times over. I think we are all a little tired of the same old ideas.

Time to get a bit creative!

Men love to get fun and useful things on their birthday. You can find dozens of ready-made birthday gift baskets for him. But if you want a genuinely great gift basket, you’ll make one yourself!

How To Make A Gift Basket: 4 Easy Steps

It’s soooooo easy and can actually be a lot of fun.

These clever handmade gift baskets can be made to fit any budget! Besides, homemade birthday gifts and personalized birthday gifts make far more fun and meaningful presents.

Here are the basics on how to make one:

Make sure YOUR basket it empty first. :o)

Birthday Basket with Kitten
Make Sure YOUR Basket is Empty First :o)
  1. Come Up with a Theme
    …baseball, movie night, food, camping – choose any one of his interests.

  2. Get Goodies That Go with the Theme
    It is best to have 4 or more items to go in the basket. And the items should be different sizes… otherwise the gift basket looks funny.

  3. Arrange the Goodies in a Basket…
    …or bowl, bucket, box, or whatever will fit all your goodies comfortably will work just fine. Start by placing tissue paper in the basket. Then add your filler items. 

    If spacing is an issue (like small items are falling so far down into the basket that you can’t see them), crumple some tissue paper at the bottom for filler. 

  4. Wrap It All Up
    Using cellophane or wrapping paper, wrap up the basket and tie the top with a ribbon. Attach a birthday card and that’s it! Tada!

Want more inspiration? Here are some great homemade gift basket ideas!

Birthday Gift Basket for Manly Men Ideas List

The Super Bowl for Sports Fans

Alright sports fans, time to get the birthday boy geared up for the big game!

Things To Get:

  1. Big bucket or bowl (use colors from his favorite sport or team)
  2. Items with the team’s logo on it (like a t-shirt, deck of cards, or just a ball related to the sport – golf, baseball, football, etc.)
  3. His favorite drink (does he like to guzzle a giant Coke during the game?)
  4. Personal-sized bag of chips, pretzels, and dip or salsa
  5. Extras like individually wrapped candies or tickets to the big game (he’ll love that!!)
  6. Wrapping supplies (cellophane, bow or ribbon, gift tag, and tissue paper)

Movie Night In A Box

This is a #1 hit! Guys of all ages love this.

Things To Get:

  1. Big popcorn bowl
  2. A movie HE would like
  3. Theater candy boxes
  4. Microwave popcorn packages
  5. Bag of individually wrapped candies
  6. Wrapping supplies (cellophane, bow or ribbon, gift tag, and tissue paper)

The MAN Can

Celebrate his macho side with this birthday gift basket for a man’s man – full of stuff men love to have on hand.

Things To Get:

  1. Big bucket or bowl
  2. Giant flashlight, a spotlight or other gadgets
  3. A can of his favorite drink
  4. Snacks like jerky, chips, or corn nuts
  5. Man stuff like bungee cords, zip ties, carabiners, etc.
  6. Wrapping supplies (cellophane, bow or ribbon, gift tag, and tissue paper)

BBQ Master’s Birthday Basket

Man Apron for BBQ Birthday Gift Basket

Does he love grilling? Try to snoop around and find out what he needs upgraded or replaced, and what new BBQ flavors he wants to try. Then start building your baseket:

Things To Get:

  1. Basket or box
  2. Upgraded BBQ gear (like a new set of utensils, or a grill light for night grilling
  3. Marinades or sauces
  4. Meat dry rubs
  5. An apron with a manly phrase on it (my husband’s favorite – “The MAN Apron”)
  6. Wrapping supplies (cellophane, bow or ribbon, gift tag, and tissue paper)

Making Your Own Birthday Gift Basket for Manly Men? Get Creative!

Men love these fun and useful baskets on their birthday. It’s much better than cheese and crackers with some cheap (or overpriced) wine! So get creative with your birthday gift basket for manly men…

…but get going! His birthday is coming up, and you have some shopping to do!

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