Terrific Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandma Sure to Get You Hugs and Kisses

If Grandma’s special day is fast approaching and you’re in need of gifting inspiration, then the birthday gift ideas for grandma on this page could be the inspiration you need to find the perfect gift for your nanna. Go ahead, take a look!

Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandma

Practical Grandma Birthday Gift Ideas

Gift Certificates

Let’s start with the practical ideas first, since many grandmothers are watching their pennies. To give the perfect gift-card gift, pay attention to their favorite foods, what they like to wear, and their entertainment preferences. Where do they like to eat? Do they have a reading habit? Do they have a favorite place to buy shoes? Listen, watch, and look for clues. Then act.

Feminine Hand Tools

This is a really cool gift for grandmas who might be going solo. You can pick something up at your local home improvement or hardware store. Look for lady tools, which are typically smaller, lighter, and come with a slenderized grip compared to standard tools. You’ll even find feminine colors and designs. Perfect for any grandma!

Magnifying Flashlight


This is a simply brilliant tool. As the name implies, it’s a flashlight with a magnifying glass attached. You need this if you tend to drop things or have problems seeing in darker spaces. It’s the perfect solution for locating a dropped earring or for reading product labels.

Savvy Grandma Gifts

Fitness Info – (Think Thai Chi)

Okay, if your grammie is more Cosmo than knitting, she may be into a fitness watch. Or better yet, how about getting her set up at the YMCA? It’s a social and fitness club; she may qualify for a free membership. Your gift is to help her get set up. You can also give her some aqua aerobic weights or a new duffle bag to go along with it.

Nutrition Guru


Is your granny the family’s nutritional expert and totally into sprouts and smoothies? If so, perhaps a new glass blender with a wide mouth for whole foods is in order. For example, high-powered blenders like the Ninja will help grandma process a wide range of foods and even crush ice. Likewise, personal blenders like the NutriBullet, help folks make small-batch smoothies. Perfect for grandma’s morning breakfast routine.

Sentimental Grandma Gifts

I don’t know a single grandma who isn’t sentimental in some way. Even the most high-powered executive-type grandma has a soft spot for her grandkids. And let’s not even go there when it comes to bragging rights. Part of the memory-loving aspect of grandmahood is braggin’ up your grandkids. And for that, we need special grandma gear. Take a look.

Special Personalized CD or DVD

With this one, you’re basically going to make an audio recording together and present it. Gather your brothers and sisters together and have a conversation about family. This gift is intended as a lighthearted walk down memory lane. To keep things on topic, get each sibling to write down one fond family-focused grandma memory. Then put them all together as a bullet-pointed script/outline, distributing copies to all. Have a meeting to give everyone a chance to feel comfortable but avoid over-rehearsing, as you want the recording to sound natural. When completed, you can have the transcript made and placed in a lovely binder for display.

Photo albums or Frames

Assuming portraits have been created, how are her picture frame and photo album situation? This can be a cherished gift; your heart and thoughts are in it. Frames are available at any neighborhood gift, department, or craft store, and most, if not all, stores have online outlets. To find something suitable, bear in mind colors, themes, and sizes. Fill the frames with your portraits or have them made.

Scrapbook or Scrapbook Supplies

If you love paper crafts, this is an important opportunity for you to put your craft to work, assembling a book of memories either with grandma, of grandma, or for grandma. Or originate a family scrapbook by hosting an event or outing and using the artifacts from that as content for the book. Example: host a picnic in the park and use the invitation, leftover party decorations, and supply some of the memorabilia. Some ideas for outings? How about a live theater event, a day at the races, or a trip to the botanical garden?

Charm bracelet with personalized charms

If your special grandma is fond of jewelry, get her a charm bracelet. Then you can personalize her charms and make a customized memory gift for her. A charm bracelet is a great gift that can work as a foundation for future gifts. Just get here another charm full of love and memories.

Now that I’ve massaged your brain cells, I hope it leads you to the perfect birthday gift for your grandma!

Best wishes to you and yours for a very Happy Birthday.

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