12 Last Minute Birthday Gifts Delivered Instantly To Their Inbox

Need a last-minute birthday gift now? This list will save your life… or at least your social life. 😉 This is my favorite list of instantly downloadable present ideas – talk about the epitome of last-minute gifts!

Just buy, and email it (or the download instructions) to your giftee.

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1. Amazon Prime Subscription

Amazon Prime membership is like having Netflix, Pandora, and Kindle subscriptions all in one. For a whole year, they can instantly stream or download movies, music, and books AND get FREE shipping on a lot of products.

The avid internet shopper will thank you for the free shipping alone. I know I do.

2. E-Courses

You can find e-courses on everything from gardening to bodybuilding. If there’s something they’re really excited to learn, buy them the class!

This is one of those last-minute birthday gifts that make you look really thoughtful.

3. Charitable Cause

Some people don’t want another “thing”. Even digital stuff takes up space. But if you use the money you would have spent on their gift to donate to their favorite charity, now you’re going the extra mile. Just make the donation in their honor.

One caveat – make sure it’s a charity they really believe in! (That’s an embarrassing mistake to make.)

4. Photo and Video Editing Software

Software like Photoshop or Final Cut Pro is an amazing gift for techy geeks. It doesn’t matter if they are pros or amateurs. As long as they are computer savvy, or not afraid to get their feet wet (digitally of course) then photo editing and video editing is a great gift to help them develop new talent.

5. Music Writing Software

For the aspiring composer, software like Sibelius lets you create sheet music for the entire band, orchestra, and choir. The best part is that the moment you finish, you can sit back and listen to your new symphony!

6. DJ Mixer

Here’s another digital toy for the computer savvy. DJ mixers (or audio editing software) are for people who like to turn normal songs into serious party music.

For me, it’s a great way to make a personalized soundtrack for my morning workout.

7. Premium Netflix Subscription

Help your movie buff skip a trip to the neighborhood RedBox to pick up their movies. With this gift, they can just sit down for some instant streaming or queue the next DVD in their favorite saga.

8. Pandora Radio Subscription

I love my Pandora. It lets you personalize your own “radio stations” with your favorite kinds of music. When you gift a subscription, they get a completely personalized AND commercial-free radio.

Now that’s good gifting!

9. Song or Album Downloads

“Gifting” music is one of my favorite last-minute birthday gifts. You can give songs and even entire albums straight from Amazon Music or iTunes. All you need is the giftee’s email address and Amazon or iTunes will send it directly to their inbox.

Another good idea is the iTunes gift card. This is one of the few birthday gift cards that doesn’t scream “I have no clue what to get you.”

But choosing the actual songs for them to download really is more thoughtful (and it makes you look better).

10. E-books

Fiction, business, history – every bookworm has their favorite food for thought. They don’t even need a Kindle or Nook to read it! Just buy the e-book, and they download it. Happy birthday!

11. Audio Books

It’s another “downloadable” that on-the-go bookworms love. Just like music, you can give the audiobook to someone by entering their email address when you order.

12. Downloadable Apps

This is such a fun idea because it’s so versatile! You can gift anything from games and music to organization and health. Whatever they’re into – there’s an app for that. Just send them the info to download the app once you buy it.

I Know There Are More Fabulous Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas Out There…

…Do YOU have one? Let’s hear YOUR last minute birthday gift ideas that you can buy and deliver on the spot!

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