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This is page 2 of last minute birthday gifts for men that are guy-approved. You're welcome. ;)

P.S. If you like these ideas, please pay it forward (and keep these free ideas coming) by ordering through the links below. But if you need the gift in an hour and need to print off this list instead of buying online, I totally get it. :)

5. Skeet Shooters Or Ammo Magazines

I’m not talking about the kind of magazine you “read”, but the kind you attach to your rifle. Gun magazines alone make a great birthday gift for men, but throwing in some ammunition tops it off (again, make it a set).

Skeet throwers and clay pigeons are also a blast for target practice (sorry about the pun there)!

Just a note - the handheld skeet throwers are less expensive but more labor intensive. So if you have a bigger budget, the skeet traps are cooler.

4. Apron And Grilling Utensils

If he loves to fire up the grill, this makes another great last minute birthday gift. Just make sure the new utensils are an upgrade from the utensils he already has.

If you can personalize the apron or buy one with a funny phrase on it, all the better!

3. A Cool Wallet

It’s a solid standard gift because men like them. Think about it. He’ll use one pretty much every day of his adult life. Trust me – every guy appreciates a cool backup!

I've seen some wallets that double as a cell phone case, too. Those are pretty awesome.

2. A Tasteful Watch

If he’s sporty, get the wristwatch that measures your heart rate or doubles as a pedometer. If he’s a businessman, go for a classy pocket watch, or a metal watch with crisp, clean features. If he’s rough and rugged, get him one with a sturdy band. I’ve seen some with built in lighters or flashlights.

Men love any useful gift that doubles as a cool gadget. Gadgets are to men what shoes are to women… only you don’t have to try them on. How can you lose?

1. Aftershave And Body Wash

Every guy likes to smell good, even if they don’t love to put on cologne. Bath and Body Works is one of my favorite places to get lotions and potions because they let you exchange them. If he doesn’t like the scent or if it gives him a headache, he can take it back – even if he used it – and get something he likes.

My husband suggested giving scented deodorant… but that’s more of a Christmas stocking stuffer than a full-fledged birthday gift, don’t you think?

Your turn! What’s your opinion on great last minute birthday gifts for men?

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