Least Romantic Birthday Gifts

There are some pretty ridiculous romantic birthday gifts out there, but these are the worst! These are the romance killers – the Do Not Buy list for men and women. They are so corny, so thoughtless and so generic it is almost insulting.

Nothing says “I’m Romantically Challenged” like these romance-less gifts below. Like the 2nd brother in the Romantically Challenged Tale below, you don’t want to send the wrong message!

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5. House Work And Home Improvement Stuff

Steer clear of giving gifts that suggest that you want them to do more work. If you are shopping for men, this is not the time to buy a lawnmower, oil change vouchers, or anything else that screams “Honey-Do List”. For women, she will not find romance in a blender, vacuum, or even a heart-shaped muffin tin.

4. Stuffed Animals

Romantic Birthday Gifts Stuffed Animal

When you are 10 years old, that’s cute. But when you are an adult, it just becomes mushy, plushy nonsense. You can get those CHEAP anywhere. It is so trite that it feels like there wasn’t much thought put into it – like you just hit up the nearest corner store.

If that is exactly what you did, be prepared for a BIG disappointment.

Besides, most of us are trying to declutter our homes. She will likely end up tripping over it, getting annoyed with it, cursing at it, and eventually cursing you for giving it to her!

Don’t run the risk. No stuffed animals.

3. Blanket or Pillow Case with a Photo of Only You

He wants to snuggle with you, he really does. But he does NOT want to snuggle with a giant printout of your face. It is tacky – even kind of stalker-ish, almost like you are watching him while he sleeps.

No. Choose something classier.

It is better to have a picture of both of you on it… but that is still a little weird. Frankly, I’d rather see a pillowcase that says “I Heart My Girlfriend”. It isn’t romantic per se, but I would take a little laugh over a gift that says – “Here, snuggle with my gigantic face.”

2. Fake Flowers

Doesn’t matter if they are plastic or fabric or both, these are not romantic birthday gifts. In fact, they aren’t even fun to receive – it doesn’t even make you laugh (if she is smiling, rest assured it is probably out of disbelief). The only reason to buy fake flowers is if you are visiting the cemetery, not if you want to give an impressive gift to your girlfriend.

Opt for fresh cut flowers (and I mean fresh – like the kind from FTD here) a live flowering plant, or go with some other creative birthday flower bouquets instead.

But don’t go buying cheap flora from the corner store.

1. Frilly Boxers or Sleazy Lingerie

“You want me to wear what?!?

How embarrassing! Silky, red boxers with hearts all over them are ridiculous. Men don’t want to wear that kind of fru-fru stuff.

Skanky underwear for women will probably have the opposite effect than what you are hoping for. Women want to be tasteful and attractive, not mistaken for a lady of the night.

And I must say – candy underwear is more like a gag gift. Definitely NOT romantic.

When they look at these gifts, they will think of you… and how red-faced they got when they opened it in front of you. Not the ideal way to be remembered.

Alright friends – let’s have it! What are the worst romantic gifts you ever got?

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