Personalized Birthday Gifts For Him

Here is a great list of personalized birthday gifts for him that you can buy or make yourself! Guys are tired of mugs that say #1 Dad or teddy bears holding a heart with their name embroidered on it. Get more creative using the ideas below.

Personalized Guitar Pick

Guitarists always need a pick. You can get meaningful pictures and phrases printed on a new set of picks for him. Or buy him a pick punch and let him make his own!

Personalized Penny

One of the easiest ways to personalize any gift is with a hand-punched penny gift! Have their name, a big event, or whatever you like stamped across it. He can put it on his luggage, keyring, backpack or briefcase, or even wear it as a pendant.

Instant personalization in a very cool way!

Penny Gift Tag

Candy Bars With Personalized Wrappers

Buy him a Hershey’s candy bar and print off a personalized wrapper to go around it. His taste buds will thank you – after all, men love chocolate as much as women do!

Personalized Candy… Yum!

Personalized M&Ms and Valentine’s hearts are a thoughtful and tasty way to say “Happy Birthday!” These (and the candy bars listed before) are arguable the yummiest personalized birthday gifts for him!

Personalized Birthday Gift Heart Candy

Memory Books

Make and print him his very own personalized photo book! Use pictures from the last holiday, his childhood, last summer’s big trip, or whatever. Get your book printed from Snapfish or Shutterfly for an affordable, memorable, personalized birthday gift.

“Scorpion Fish” T-shirt

…or whatever kind of T-shirt. 😉 Put something fun like a birthday quote, picture, whatever – and make it a masterpiece for him to wear!

One mom printed her daughter’s drawings onto a t-shirt for Dad. It became his favorite thing to wear! He actually asked her to make a new one for him every year… he loved it that much!

Personalized Playing Cards And Calendars

Get him a new deck of cards or a calendar with his favorite photos or phrases printed on them! Companies like Snapfish or Shutterfly make this a snap. Use anything from family pictures, nature scenes, muscle cars, whatever strikes his fancy and order his new memorabilia!

Birthday Gift Baskets

There are two great ways to get a perfect birthday gift basket for him. The first is to buy a premade basket – but that’s hardly personalized. A homemade gift basket that you made yourself is not only far more personal, but handmade is also more meaningful! Then you can make it as fun or unique as you please. 😉

Got your own ideas? Do tell! Share your personalized birthday gifts for him in the comments below.

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