The Top 13 Brilliantly Romantic Birthday Gifts For Her That Make Her Swoon

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Flowers are beautiful – but there are far more romantic birthday gifts for her that say “I Love You” on her birthday. I am about to share with you the most brilliantly romantic gifts that you should give your woman.

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Romantic Gifts You Can Wrap

Here are some thoughtful, romantic birthday gift ideas that you can put in a box on her birthday.

1. Beautiful Birthstone Jewelry

When done right, thoughtful jewelry can make the most romantic birthday gifts for her.

It doesn’t have to be huge or expensive (although if you’re planning to pop the question, that might be unavoidable). Gifts like the personalized penny necklace or bracelet is ideal because you can choose whatever phrase you want, the year that the penny was minted, and a coordinating birthstone.

Girls love that.

2. Other Meaningful Jewelry

Birthday Gift for Girlfriend Emerald Necklace

Here’s a great example from a girl I know. Her boyfriend was going overseas to Ireland for an extended time. He bought a delicate emerald pendant to keep the Emerald Isle – and him – close to her heart while he was away.

Of course, she loved it!

3. Treasured Memories

Find a lovely wooden box – preferably a small treasure chest or a box with a lock – and fill it with items symbolic of your relationship.

Place notes on each item telling her about what this means to you and how much you care about her. Girls eat up thoughtful stuff like that!

4. Collage Book or Slideshow

Women love to reminisce over good times. Gather photos of times you spent together, and order a collage of memories organized into a beautifully bound book from Snapfish or Shutterfly.

Or you can set the pictures to music on a DVD for a slideshow she will never forget! Include her favorite moments with you at the end for a romantically stellar finale.

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“Experiences” As Romantic Birthday Gifts For Her

Give your woman a gift that disappears (no trinkets for her attic) and leaves a memory she’ll never forget! Gifts of “experience” make excellent, romantic birthday gifts for her.

5. Hot Air Balloon Ride

A ride in the sky is both exciting and romantic! My husband gave me tickets for my birthday, and I’ll vouch that this is a truly romantic gift. He gave me a beautiful, sweet card with the tickets inside.

The ride was breathtaking. If she isn’t afraid of heights, she will absolutely *love* this.

6. Slow Dancing

One of the best romantic birthday gifts for her is to take her dancing – sloooow dancing.

Women love the dance floor – and if you are the one twirling her around, she will love you even more! If you can’t find a place to take her dancing, buy some dance lessons for both of you.

Spend quality time wrapped in each others’ arms, swaying to her favorite music. She will love you for it.

7. Gondola Ride

There is nothing quite like a romantic ride on these illustrious Italian boats – and you don’t have to take her to Italy to make it happen.

Search for local Gondola rides in your area – and make sure to reserve your spot early so you get it in time for her birthday. Those seats can fill up fast!

8. Dinner Date Night

Don’t bother with a gift card which only allows her a specific amount that she has to spend. Make it a date and take her yourself!

Is there one diner that is “your” place as a couple? Does she have a favorite restaurant? Give her a beautiful card or birthday gift certificate to the romantic dinner of her choice.

9. Theatrical Play

If she loves Broadway or dinner theater, indulge her! Enjoying romantic Broadway shows with her honey make brilliantly romantic birthday gifts for her.

Keep in mind her interests. If she likes corny happy endings or more “realistic” endings, be sure the play you choose has a story that will delight her in the end!

(Reviews man, check the reviews!)

10. Drive-In Movie

Set up your vehicle so she can comfortably snuggle up to you in the privacy of your car (or truck bed) as you watch the giant film in the great outdoors.

Be sure to bring her favorite goodies – chocolates and caramels are always winners – and drinks for refreshments.

No booze… you still have to drive home. 😉

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Give Of Yourself On Her Birthday

A tender act of service on her behalf is a beautiful display of affection for her. But just doing her dishes won’t cut it. Do something that has sentimental value or take an act of service over the top! Make your thoughtful deed a gift worth getting on her birthday.

11. Record a Song For Her

Women swoon over love songs – especially one recorded just for her. This can be a song you wrote (which would be amazing!), “your” song, or whatever tune you think will win her over.

Burn it to a CD and wrap it up (old-fashioned I know, but it’s always more fun if she has something she can actually “open”). Use a customizable CD case template to give that jewel case a classy touch…

…now watch her melt as she listens.

12. Full-Course, Candlelight Dinner For 2

At the end of the day, any woman loves to be catered to and indulged by her man.

As you seat her (and you will because you’re aiming to be the perfect gentleman tonight), set a card on her place mat that tells her that for her birthday, you are giving of yourself – a full course dinner that takes zero preparation on her part.

Be sure to kiss her cheek or neck occasionally as you serve the different courses.

Oh, and chocolate desserts are always a good idea.

13. Personal Massage From YOU

Buy some massaging oils, a few candles, and give her a personalized birthday gift certificate for 1 free massage from you for her feet, back, hands, or all of the above!

Make sure to watch a few YouTube videos on how to give a quality massage before you do this. It needs to be a goooooood massage that doesn’t hurt or bug her.

After all, this IS her birthday present!

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Making Any Gift A Romantic One

You can turn nice gifts into truly romantic birthday gifts for her simply by giving it to her in a romantic setting.

What’s the best romantic setting?

  • Any comfortable place with low lights.
  • A little food, like cheese squares and fancy crackers, and some sparkling drinks help too.
  • You can take her to a crowded place – like ice skating or to see Christmas lights – or to a more secluded place. This can be a restaurant, a beautiful park, a back patio or a beautiful spot in the woods.

If you’re budget is tight, decorate any room in your house. Use candles (tea lights from the dollar store will get you lots of the right ambiance) or twinkle lights (a.k.a. small white Christmas lights). Dim (or turn off) all the other lights and turn on some soft music.

Now wrap her gift beautifully (check out some YouTube tutorials) and give it to her when the moment is right.

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What do YOU think make the most brilliantly romantic birthday gifts for her?

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