Romantic Birthday Gifts For Him

Looking for romantic birthday gifts for him? Make your man fall in love with you all over again with some of these gifts and ideas! No stuffed teddy bears, no dinky nicknacks to store on a shelf. Men love to be loved, but not in silly ways. This year, show him just how much you care with a thoughtful, romantic gift just for him.

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Here are some idea lists:

Yes, you read that last one right. If you have the proper setting, you can turn almost any gift into a romantic gift. Set the mood, and you’ll get the romantic gift you were looking for.

Classic Romantic Birthday Gifts For Him

Create a Playlist with the Top 10 Romantic Songs

Give him the songs that represent you as a couple or that remind you of him. They can be songs from the year you met, the year you got married, the last decade you’ve spent together, his all-time favorite love songs, or whatever! Put them on a CD and give it a sweet title – “Our Romance” or “The Soundtrack of Our Love” or… well, you get the idea. 🙂


Record A Love Song For Him

Use your voice, your guitar, your piano, and perform your song in a studio. This takes romantic music to a far more personal level. This can be “your” song, the song that epitomizes your relationship, or even a song you wrote. Record it as a gift so he can listen to it over and over.

One girl wrote her boyfriend a song full of words that had special meaning to them as a couple. It was one of the most romantic birthday gifts for him.

I recorded the song I wrote and gave it to my boyfriend on a CD with other love songs. Nearly a decade later, he still loves to listen to the song I wrote for him!

Books To Remember

Men love romantic pictures – but picture frames are overdone. Photo books on the other hand are a big hit! Have a personalized book printed with his favorite romantic photos, or pictures of you together, or trips you went on recently.

Remember, every guy wants to be a hero. Be sure to tell him in the book how wonderful he is and how much you love him. Men love to hear how important they are to you.

Personalized Gifts

Photo books are just one of many personalized gifts men love to get.

Remember that old cliche? “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” It became cliche because it’s true! Men love to be fed.

It’s a language of love. So why not get the romantic birthday gifts for him that say “I love you” in both languages – written AND eaten?

Buy him the personalized candy that tells him exactly how you feel.

Personalized Birthday Gift Heart Candy

Love Notes and Tokens

Give him love notes and tokens for every year of his life. These are winning ideas to make romantic birthday gifts for him. Let’s say it is his 25th birthday…

  • Write 25 things you love about him. 
  • Find 25 things to give him (for example, 24 small candy bars and one king-size chocolate bar).
  • The week of his birthday, hide 24 of 25 love notes in places around the house where he will find them all week long (in the medicine cabinet, cereal bowls, in the cupboard, clear ziplock baggies in the shower…). Save the best note for last of course.
  • Wrap the 25th note with a bow and give it to him on his birthday in a romantic setting.
  • …or you could just give him all 25 at once and he can pull them out of the wrapping one by one until he reaches the king-size candy bar at the bottom with the best love note attached.

You could switch this up too – have you been together 5 years? 3 months? 14 weeks? Write notes and get small meaningful gifts to represent each month, week, or year.

*BE CAREFUL. Don’t just buy junky knicknacks. Get little things with meaning OR get things that disappear (elegant candies, chocolates, small desserts, or even classy soaps and shaving lotion).

Romantic Gifts For Adult Men

Lingerie… For HER

If you have an intimate relationship, this will always be a winner. Let’s face it, ladies, men appreciate when their woman prompts an intimate moment or two. When you give him silk boxers, it’s just nice underwear for his birthday. But when you give him nice underwear for YOU, they instantly turn into romantic birthday gifts for HIM! Woo woo!

Find something nice (or naughty) to wear, and then decide if you want him to unwrap it in a box first – because you know he’s eventually going to unwrap it from you!

Baby-Making Toolkit

For the man aspiring to the “Daddy-To-Be” position, this is a fun and romantic idea he will love.

Get a small box (preferably a “toolbox”) and fill it with romantic goodies that will help you two “make a baby”.

  • Chocolate hugs and kisses are perfect.
  • Throw in some lingerie, romantic music and candles to set the mood.
  • No bubbly – it’s bad for the baby 😉 – opt instead for sparkling cider and Champaign glasses.
  • You might include a blanket for you two to snuggle under.

Your baby-making kit is ready!

Baby Making Toolkit

Romantic Settings

A romantic setting is the perfect way to turn any gift into a romantic one. Take him to a secluded spot where he will feel relaxed, and you’re there. Here are some simple ideas to start with…

  • Take him for a walk in a beautiful place – a park, a unique place downtown, wherever he would enjoy most.
  • Watch the sunset or sunrise together as you give him your gift.
  • Candlelight dinners with romantic music. Good food and soft light. Yes.
  • Slow dancing (nothing fancy, just hugging and swaying). Sometimes you can take the car to a nice place, turn on some sweet music, and dance right where you are standing.

Read on for more elaborate ideas on creating romantic birthday gifts for him.

Midnight Boat Ride

Rent a boat and take your man to a nearby lake on a starry night. Pack a few candles, a picnic dinner, some goblets and a sparkling drink. Remember to bring your gift! Enjoy dinner to the serenade of lapping water and distant crickets singing.

Movie On The Beach…

…or at the lake, or forest, or out in the desert. Really you could take him wherever! Drive out to his favorite spot of nature and snuggle up for the ultimate romantic movie night.

You Will Need to Bring…

  1. a power converter
  2. your laptop (or TV and DVD)
  3. his favorite romantic comedy
  4. something for the TV to sit on (or just put it on the car)
  5. and the gift of course!

If you have a truck, bring…

  • a couch (he’ll LOVE this!) OR pillows and blankets to watch comfortably from the truck bed.

If you have a car, bring…

  • chairs OR a bean bag and a blanket (one to protect the bean bag from the ground, and one for you two to snuggle under)

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